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Carrie Paulo I Wanted MORE Than This

I Wanted MORE

I saw a quote in a frame multiple times at my son’s doctor’s office and it gnawed at me: “I Wanted MORE Than This.” It resonated to my core and I set out to figure out why. I dug deep to move aside those patterns and behaviors that were not getting me the results I desired.

Meet Carrie Ann McCormick

M.A.Ed., B.F.A., RYT-200

Educator  |  Facilitator  |  Wellness Coach

Meet Carrie Paulo

Yoga Teacher and Embodiment Coach

I appreciate your interest in my work. Embodiment is the way we carry ourselves - our connection to our bodies. So many of us get lost in our heads and neglect the inner navigation our bodies provide. Work with me to discover how you can show up as your most fully expressed self and get the MORE you have coming to you!

My Approach

As a certified yoga teacher and embodiment coach, I integrate these practices into my coaching to help you connect your mind, body, and soul. My approach is holistic, focusing on both your physical and emotional well-being. Through my personalized coaching, I will guide you on your journey towards self-awareness and self-improvement. Together, we will explore your current state of being, unique strengths, and challenges. After moving through Embodied Yoga postures, we will call upon our body's intuition and bring to our awareness the feeling of postures we strive to embody.

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Carrie Ann McCormick has a B.F.A in Theatre - Performance Studies and a Master of Arts in Education. To her, yoga is a means to explore the you that you really are and cultivate joy. She is currently enrolled in an 800 hour Yoga Therapist certification program, tutors English and holds writing and embodiment workshops and coaching. She completed her CYT-200 training with Breathe For Change and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She completed Embodied Yoga Principles training and is certified in Foundations of Embodiment and Pathological Demand Avoidance Level 1.

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