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Intrigued by what appeared to be an old page of calendar art thrown in a frame featuring a bird and a saying, Carrie Ann set out to not feel as described. She knew that embracing the feeling of, “I Wanted More Than This” wouldn’t be a popular sentiment - but her thoughts kept drifting back to the phrase over weeks and weeks. She took stock of her life and found that not only was the phrase still resonant—it was a call to action. 


Over several months, Carrie Ann set out to see what “more” waited for her. Instead of just making lists of what she wanted to have, be and do, she set a date to change some habits and made a plan to challenge the fears that had kept her stuck. In this book she chronicles the changes that came as a result of learning radical self-love and a self-care routine that is unwavering. Through her journey, you will discover how quieting the chaos and listening to your inner voice will lead you to the treasure that your heart seeks.

I Wanted MORE Than This (ePub)

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